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Are you Chasing a Mirage?

Considering how easy it has become to start a company – and the legions of young entrepreneurs keen on doing so – I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that I get pitched so many identical ideas. One perennial source is … Continue reading

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Failing Gracefully

Sometimes, despite our best effort, things just don’t work out.  Or to put it a different way, shit happens. Since the first of the year, two of the companies I’ve been involved with have decided to wrap things up.  In … Continue reading

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Want to Learn to be a Leader? Just Be One.

Every fall, I spend a week in Lander, Wyoming. At one level, I go there for a board meeting.  But at another level, I go there to give back.  Because it was there in Wyoming that I learned almost everything … Continue reading

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I hate firing people

Mitt Romney’s remark that he “likes to fire people” will certainly end up being one of the best-remembered gaffe’s of a gotcha-laden primary season.   Although the remark was taken out of context it certainly reinforced the perception that CEOs are … Continue reading

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My Money or My Time. (Just not Both).

Although I stopped being a full-time entrepreneur years ago, I still have plenty of great ideas for new businesses.   I just no longer have the appetite to start one. Starting a company requires a marriage-like commitment – for better or … Continue reading

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Did Netflix screw up? I don’t think so.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings announced last week that the company would be splitting off their DVD rental service into a new business to be called Qwikster.  Last time I checked their blog post on the subject, there were 27,183 comments.  Approximately … Continue reading

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But don’t just take My advice

I hate being called an Advisor. It may have meant something once, but now the term “Advisor” has become little more than Pitch-fodder.  A checklist item in every start-up’s deck . . . thrown in for it’s implied endorsement value. … Continue reading

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